Project description

We proudly present you our hybrid heating installation model that uses ROBUR GAHP-A-HT S Gas-fired condensing absorption heat pump. Installation is designed to generate heat for heating purposes and domestic hot water preparation in a single house. Moreover the installation will serve as a test-training stand certifying functional possibilities of ROBUR GAHP-A-HT S Gas-fired condensing absorption heat pump in real-time operation in climatic conditions with temperatures falling below zero (down to -30°C) which determines the limits for heat pump operation.

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Temperature readings

Buffer upper temperature (T1):
Buffer middle temperature (T2):
Buffer lower temperature (T3):
Return temperature (T4):
DHW supply temperature (T5):
CH 1 circuit temperature (T6):
CH 2 circuit temperature (T7):
Boiler temperature (T8):
External temperature (T9):
DHW tank temperature (T10):



Gas-fired condensing absorption heat pump


Heat pump operation parameters

Heat pump operation mode:
Heat pump operation status:
Heat pump alarms:
Max. temperature setpoint for heat pump inlet:
M1 setpoint value:
M2 setpoint value:
M1 and M2 pump work:
M2 pump delay :
M2 pump time delay :
Boiler interlock H2:

Heat pump readings (ModBus)

Heat pump outlet temperature:
External temperature:
Evaporator temperature:
Generator temperature:
Absorber temperature:
Condenser temperature:
Air-gas mixture temperature:
Combustion chamber temperature:
Blower RPM :
Modulation of blower :
Solution pump RPM:
Modulation of circulation pump:
Burner operation:
Heat pump total run time:
Heat pump ignition numbers:

Buffer temperatures

Temperature setpoint T1 (upper) :
Temperature setpoint T3 (lower) :
Buffer temperature T1 (upper):
Buffer temperature T2 (middle):
Buffer temperature T3 (lower):
Buffer minimum setpoint temperature:
dT a (for T1 - HP start-up):
dT b (for T4 - V1 valve opening):
dT c (for T4 - V1 valve closure):
dT x (for T3 - HP start):

DDC readings

Heat pump outlet temperature:
External temperature:

Settings summer-winter

Transition temperature setpoint summer/winter:
External current suppressed temperature for HP:
Suppressed temperature hysteresis for heat pump:
Force summer - winter mode - (permanent):
Forced operation mode (summer/winter):

Heat pump alarm

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