Project description

We proudly present you our hybrid heating installation model that uses ROBUR GAHP-A-HT S Gas-fired condensing absorption heat pump. Installation is designed to generate heat for heating purposes and domestic hot water preparation in a single house. Moreover the installation will serve as a test-training stand certifying functional possibilities of ROBUR GAHP-A-HT S Gas-fired condensing absorption heat pump in real-time operation in climatic conditions with temperatures falling below 0°C (down to -30°C) which determines the limits for heat pump operation. Taking variable climate conditions into consideration, installation was equipped with indirect exchange-pumping station for primary circuit separation (filled with antifreeze solution, protecting primary circuit down to -35°C ) from secondary circuit (filled with water).
To ensure operational safety and to acquire possible lowest operational costs installation uses high-efficiency electronically controlled WILO pumps. STRATOS pumps with LON communication modules enables operation monitoring and remote parameterisation. Installation is equipped with fittings and buffer tank by FLAMCO. Thanks to close cooperation with SIEMENS company installation was equipped with cutting-edge dedicated CLIMATIX automatics which enabled integration of peripheral devices communicating through LON, Modbus, Canbus and Mbus bus into one system with remote supervision and parametrisation. Data on installation status is transmitted via webserver in real-time.

We would like to give special thanks to menagement and employees of ROBUR, SIEMENS, WILO and FLAMCO companies for their support and engagement throughout the project.

Staff responsible for project realization

Tadeusz Górnicki - Design engineer / Process engineer
Arkadiusz Sitarz - programmer/ automation system designer
Marcin Rybak - programmer/software designer
Maciej Gospodarek - Technical support (Siemens)
Maciej Laskowski - Technical support (Siemens)

Installation companies participating in project realization

Usługi Instalacyjno-Budowlane i Sanitarne Piotr Topolski
07-110 Grębków
ul. Poprzeczna 5


Zakład Instalacji Sanitarnych Dariusz Modzelewski
05-126 Nieporęt
ul. Inwokacji 2

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